Top 10 Free Sci-fi Movies to Watch Online

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sci-fi movies to watch online

Whether you are looking for some classic sci-fi hits, or you are on the hunt to find the latest sci-fi movies to watch online for free, you have landed at the right place! This article lists down the top free Sci-fi movies to watch online and where to find them.

If you are a science lover like me, we can agree that Science fiction is hands down the best genre when it comes to cinema. This genre is filled with amazing films that are the right combination of action, adventure, mystery, romance, and drama, together with the creativity that takes our imagination on a roller coaster ride!

When there is so much variety to choose from, it can be hard to find the right movie to fit our taste. And that is where we will come to aid you. We have picked the best Sci-fi movies that are a must-watch for all sci-fi lovers! To add the cherry on top, you can watch these latest Sci-fi movies online for free! has a vast variety of free sci-fi movies to watch online.

Now, let us look at the Top 10 Sci-fi movies of all-time to watch online for free!

Note: The movies listed are listed in no particular order.

1.      Annihilation


This bio-futurist film is a perfect mix of science fiction and horror. Alexander Garland’s Annihilation is a story about a biologist, Lena, whose husband went missing during an investigation and returned with little to no recollection of what happened to him. Lena together with a group of other scientists goes into the mysterious forcefield to find out what happened to him. There they encounter strange animal and plant hybrids as well as other unnatural phenomena.  Though the premise may seem simple to you, the immersive story will soon take you for a ride!


2.      Inception


A perfect watch for all, especially the dreamers, Inception is more than just a typical Sci-fi movie!! It is a psychological thriller encompassing drama, action, and mystery with a touch of love. This Chris Nolan film is a masterpiece of cinematography. Additionally, Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack together with a stellar performance of Leonardo DiCaprio, Ken Watanabe, Tom Hardy, and Marion Cotillard create an epic dream world with a mind-bending story that will keep you on your toes. You will want to watch it again and again!


3.      Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind movie

If you are a fan of drama sci-fi movies that take your mind on a roller coaster of emotions and leave you with an injection of feelings, then this is the perfect movie for you. It features a mind-blowing performance by Jim Carrey and is a must-watch for anyone who likes deep emotional movies.


4.      Children of men

Children Of Men Movie

This is a unique movie with an original concept which is a rare feat to achieve nowadays. It shows a dystopian future where the human population is dwindling due to an illness that has caused everyone to become infertile. During this time one woman gets pregnant our antagonist is tasked with her safety. How they fall in love and what are the implications of this is something that this movie covers. It is a masterpiece in its own right and a must-watch for any film lover.

5.      Wall-e

WALL-E movie

Love has no boundaries or limitations. This is the concept that is covered in this brilliant movie. It follows the story of Wall-E who I a cleaning robot and how he falls in love with another robot. Their love story in the backdrop of an epic journey to decide the fate of mankind makes for the perfect romance movie.

6.      Rise of the Planet of Apes

This reboot of the planet of the apes shows the origin story of the Apes’ rise t power. The film shows how a promising cure for Alzheimer’s disease leads to the fall of humanity. Will Rodman, a scientist portrayed by James Franco, tests the cure on chimpanzees which enhances the ape intelligence. Your favorite character in this movie is going to be the CGI chimp Caesar played by Andy Serkis and you will find yourself siding with the apes even though it is bad for the humans! Watch all the new ape movies online for free at


7.      Interstellar


A must-watch for all space lovers – Interstellar revolves around the future of humanity as the scientists are sent to find a new world. It is a scientific film where love saves the day. It shows that for us to save the future of our species, logic and emotions need to work together. Starring Matthew McConaughey, Jessica Chastain, and Anne Hathaway will take you on a visual ride through space crossing wormholes, exploring new planets, and witnessing a real depiction of a black hole. The amazing soundtrack by Hans Zimmer just adds to the sense of drama!

8.      Gravity

Gravity movie

Another stellar piece for space lovers, Gravity gives you an insight into the work-life of the astronauts. Although the breath-taking views of our planet from the international space station would make you want to be an astronaut but soon that feeling will turn away as the major twist unveils. Sandra Bullock’s performance as a scientist perfectly depicts human resilience in the face of adversity as she tried to get back to earth safely. Rich cinematography with epic use of

9.      Arrival

Arrival movie

Inspired by Ted Chiang’s Story of your life, Arrival is a film that takes you on a journey about communication, love, and uncertainty. As the planets get alien visitors, the world tries to make sense of their agenda through a linguist Louise Banks, played by Amy Adams.

10.  Jurassic Park Series

Jurassic Park movie

Our list of ‘top 10 free Sci-Fi movies to watch online’ could not be finished without adding some dinosaurs to the mix! From 1993 original to the latest Jurassic world sequels, each movie is filled with incredible set pieces and thrilling special effects! It is no doubt a perfect movie marathon picks for any sleep-over!  You can watch all the films from the Jurassic franchise and many other free HD sci-fi movies online at